Dr. Margarida Rafael | Vityl - Men's Health Clinic
New Zealand
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Dr. Margarida Rafael

Research + Clinical Psychologist

http://circleplastics.co.uk/featured/multi-energy-saving-system-two/ Special interests: couples motivational interviewing, EFT, mindfulness-based counselling, and Attachment Theory.


Dr Margarida’s experience as a clinical and research psychologist spans across a number of settings, across the USA and Portugal. She has experience in both Organisational and Clinical psychology, spanning both private and public practice.

In a clinical setting, Dr Margarida has worked with patients from a variety of backgrounds including; at risk children and adolescents from a low socio economic status, patients with chronic pain (including spinal chord injuries), counselling for couples, and adults presenting with mental health challenges.

Dr. Margarida has also volunteered with a number of organisations including as an Emergency Assistance Provider at New Moms, a non-profit organisation that provides emergency services to homeless mothers; Common Ground Relief Organisation, working with trauma survivors post Hurricane Katrina; and Milwaukee Art Museum, an organisation that encourages nursing home residents to express themselves creatively through art projects while maintaining a sense of community and culture.

As a research psychologist, Dr. Margarida works alongside a team of medical doctors, naturopaths, clinical psychologists, and nurse practitioners to develop empirically validated content for the Vityl Men’s Sexual Dysfunction Program, as well as other Vityl treatment programs.