Dr. Renuka Garg | Vityl - Men's Health Clinic
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Dr. Garg is the Vityl Medical resident information management officer and a licenced medical doctor. She is an expert in end-to-end implementation of enterprise-level healthcare projects through knowledge and expertise in med., informatics and project management.

Dr. Garg spent 22 years as a highly esteemed healthcare administrator in the Armed Forces wherein her most significant role has been in comprehensively leveraging IT for medical support of one of the world’s most advanced technical forces.

Over a period of seven years, Dr. Garg has been instrumental in planning, execution, implementation and monitoring of various healthcare informatics projects spanning over 120 medical establishments of the Air Force. She has high-level expertise and experience in the practice of med., informatics and clinical processes and has been able to document and implement the clinical processes and ‘Vityl Cycles of Care’ at Vityl Medical and the various divisions to be in line with world standards.


• Project management (certified PMP)

• Health Informatics: Formulation of User and Software Requirement Specifications, Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering, User Acceptance Testing, Training, standardisation of Masters and IT hardware templates, change management, project monitoring during the post Go-live phase, web administration.

• Med.: Domain expert for healthcare related projects, HR management, medical logistics, preventive health, inventory management, health statistics compilation, disaster preparedness, providing aerospace med. related care, and comprehensive preventive, curative and rehabilitative clinical care at primary and secondary level healthcare facilities as a general physician.

• Soft Skills: High situational awareness and adaptability; excellent communication, leadership and team building skills, effective decision making, exceptional time management and ability to innovate.


  • Project manager for the implementation of the ‘Vityl Cycles of Care’ system within Vityl medical and it’s divisions.
  • Project manager and domain expert for MEDNET – an Enterprise level web-based primary healthcare software implemented at over 120 medical and dental centres of the Air Force.
  • Project manager and domain expert for Enterprise level web-based Hospital Information System at 12 Air Force hospitals.
  • Implemented a real-time Online Testing System for assessment of medical staff of the Air Force.
  • Designed and implemented an Online Patient Safety Reporting System for the Air Force based on WHO recommendations.
  • Developed and implemented HEALTHEX – an Excel-based Tool for standardised objective assessment of healthcare facilities of the Air Force, based on Key Performance Indicators.
  • Web administrator for the Medical Website and Interactive forum of the Director General of Medical Services (Air).