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Dr. Mandy Liedeman

http://eecoswitch.com/s_ne.php General Practitioner

Dr Mandy Leideman is a highly experienced doctor who is also a cancer survivor. Since beating cancer, she has taken a proactive approach to her own mental and physical care and feels healthier and happier than ever.

After almost two decades of working in general practice, Dr. Leideman now focuses on long-term care, chronic illness prevention, and research. She holds a certificate in ethical conduct for research involving humans (TCPS 2: CORE).


  • University of Western Ontario [BSc. Biology] 1984-1988
  • University of Toronto Medical School [M.D] 1988-1992
  • University of Toronto St. Josephs Health Centre 1992 – 1993


  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
  • Canadian College of Family Physicians
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians
  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association


  • Walter F. Watkins Scholarship – U of T Medicine 1989