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New Zealand
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Sasha Fedorovsky

inactively Relationship, Intimacy and Stress Management Counsellor


Sasha’s own personal journey led to her starting a career as a life coach. Sasha was achieving her goals, and living a life she had set out for herself when, one day, it all came crashing down unexpectedly. Sasha realised her goals were not from her true self, but to prove herself. Sasha would feel an emptiness afterward and realised it was because her goals lacked meaning. Sasha completed Yoga training and found enlightenment through mentors with expertise across the fields of science and spirituality.

After moving to North Sydney, Sasha started using her new found enlightenment to help other high-achieving professionals to help them transform their minds to becoming more authentic leaders, and have more meaningful relationships.

Sasha uses her experience to help men understand and improve their relationships and identify ways to manage and combat stress.


Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and can occur at any point in a person’s life, sometimes unexpectedly but often unexpectedly. When stress rears an ugly head it can cause us to feel more negative, confused, anxious, unwell, prevents us from functioning at our best and creates that feeling that there is nowhere to escape. In turn, this affects the relationship we have with both ourselves and those around us further fuelling our stress levels. 

Sasha takes a consultative coach style approach to develop skills to deal with negative emotions without turning to dysfunctional ways to suppress them, build skills to enhance relationships, and identify coping strategies.