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New Zealand
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Dr. Dimitri Douchin

http://preferredmode.com/2013/04/26/tiki/ Psychosexual Counsellor & Addiction Coach

Dimitri is a Pornography Addiction Recovery Coach and recovered addict. Dimitri helps high-achieving men and their partners heal from their toxic relationship with pornography and live a happy and purposeful life.

“I had been an addict for 16 years, when, convinced I would be an addict for life, I started looking into ways I could use my addiction in a constructive way. “

Dimitri began to study the nature of addiction and its effects on the mind and relationships.

“Six months later, I was healed. After 17 years of struggle, I was finally free. Goodbye wasted hours, feelings of guilt, loneliness, shame, inadequacy, low self-esteem, failure at communicating.”

Since then, Dimitri has coached hundreds of men out of their toxic relationship with pornography, healing their core trauma and live a meaningful life.

In his treatment protocol, he uses a method that allows for progressive deconditioning away from pornography. My clients also work on successfully integrating the shadow / wounded child through Transactional Analysis, trauma reprocessing and sexual fantasies analysis.

Prior to becoming a highly acclaimed coach he had completed his PhD in Astrophysics at Macquarie University.

Listen to Dimitri’s story here.