Nikki Evans | Vityl - Men's Health Clinic

Nikki Evans

Life Coach

  • Acopiara Expertise: Emotional Regulation & Life Coach

Nikki Evans is an Emotional Regulation & Life Coach specialising in re-wiring the brain for a more positive mind-body connection.


Nikki understands what it’s like to be stuck in a cloud of negative self-talk. She has cultivated a toolbox of techniques to manage her own thoughts and emotions over the last 10 years. It was only when she started to see her own transformation that she realised these tools are essential for all humans.

The twists and turns of life can at times make us feel vulnerable, lost, and emotionally uncertain. With uncertainly comes reduced clarity, feeling increasingly awkward and less confident in how we approach and go about things.

The connection between our mind and body goes hand-in-hand. The thoughts and emotions that consume us each day make up how we see ourselves and our abilities. Why? Because these very same thoughts and emotions fuel our subconscious mind and find their way into the conscious, ‘thinking’, part of the brain.

As a result, we struggle to take control of our thoughts and rather our thoughts begin to take control of us.

We are left feeling emotionally dysregulated, struggle to communicate effectively, and become increasingly fearful about what we can do and can be.

At Vityl, Nikki’s self-talk sessions help Men reconnect with their confidence in the bedroom through positive language and thoughts.


In her sessions, Nikki uses a variety of tools from NLP, Time Line Therapy, Coaching, and mindfulness to help our patients connect back with their internal world, understand who they really are at their core, and use that understanding to make huge, transformational changes in their behaviour with the ultimate goal to increase the quality of their life.

The journey to rediscovering oneself starts with the thoughts that you tell yourself each day.