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Dr. Sarah Melancon, Ph.D

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Sarah Melancon, Ph.D is a Sociologist and Clinical Sexologist.  Growing up with severe social phobia and a communication disorder called selective mutism, Sarah was equally fascinated and confused by human relationships – ESPECIALLY sexual relations.

Her research spans the fields of sociology, psychology, sexology, trauma and neurobiology.  Sarah believes that while our sexual desires can be a path to greater intimacy and connection, they also reveal our deepest fears, hopes, dreams and traumas that we keep hidden in the shadows.  By cultivating awareness, learning self-compassion and healing the underlying traumas endemic to modern society, our most hidden corners of shame can become our greatest sources of power to create the authentic, loving and pleasure-filled relationships we truly deserve.


  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Arizona
  • Masters of Arts (MA), Sociology – University of Arizona
  • Doctor of Philosophy – University of Arizona